Johannesburg SEO company

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is not an option any more, it’s a critically important necessity. Because if your website does not appear high up on the first page of a search engines results page, you may as well not have a website at all.

Excluding paid ads, the first three positions on the Google results page get about 75% of the clicks for the keyword a visitor is searching for. So you can be sure if your website comes up on page two or anywhere further down, you will get no clicks. So you have to be on the top half of page 1.

Johannesburg SEO Company

This Johannesburg SEO Company which specializes in optimizing websites so that they do exactly that. We focus on local website optimisation in South Africa.

What if your site appeared in the top position of Google results? Have you thought about what that would be worth to your business?

If there are 1000 searches every month for your service or product, and your website came up in the first position, you can expect about 560 clicks to your site. And if 10% converted into customers, that’s potentially 56 new customers each and every month! How much would that be worth?

At SEO Johannesburg we use the latest methods to optimize your website to ensure that it rises high up in search engine results, and most importantly, it stays there.

What is search engine optimization? SEO is the procedure by which web designers or online entrepreneurs utilize strategic text, pictures and coding to enhance site’s status. Making use of effective optimization methods will improve the page rank of your site, and the position in search results..

If your business is based in Johannesburg, it’s best to choose a local SEO company, because they understand local conditions and competitors, and because it’s always good to have a face to face meeting with your optimization expert. Look him in the eye, make sure he’s honest and decent and can deliver on his promises.

Johannesburg SEO Company will show you examples of websites they have ranked high in the search engines, so you can see for yourself that they know what they are doing.